Ben Herman headlines at House of Bricks: the Wizard of Odd

Ben Herman is one guy who has put his time in and earned his stripes doing stand up in Des Moines. He’s fun to watch, and funny as hell. If anyone has earned a well deserved headlining set at the House of Bricks stage, it’s Ben Herman, if as much for his hard work as much as for the quality of his stand up. Ben has won and placed in multiple comedy contests, and performed for over 10 years, appeared at a number of clubs around the Midwest, and to those who know him, been a good friend. I’m proud to have him as our headliner for this showcase at Underground Comedy.

Marc, Brandon, Luke and John are also phenomenal comics who¬† are dedicated to honing the craft they’ve chosen, and making people laugh with hard worked tested material. Come out and enjoy yet another great Underground Comedy Showcase

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